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Two heads together "Get there Faster in Property"

Learn the Formulas, Get there Fast and Share the Results!

Take me as your GPS; we’ll reach our destination more quickly if you don’t have to guess what to do next.

Adding more courses and programs to your cart will just make your brain more cluttered, and it will take you longer to figure out which bit goes where so stop learning and start earning.

We start by scrapping this expensive process of simply buying more programs and courses and develop a final destination and move forward in a direct straight line with no detours.

We figure out what needs to be done to get the job done, and then we do it.

We have clarity, a mission, and a purpose, and together we can see the result clearly, which will inspire us because we have set markers along the route to keep us on track.

Let’s talk about your goals, your vision, and the steps we can take to achieve this. Apply if you are a person who isn’t afraid to think outside of the square as I’m one for creating the norms not following somebody else’s. You need to be able to value efficiency and not be afraid of collaborating with others

Direct Access to Rick Otton:
Form a joint venture with me and use my wealth of expertise to your advantage. No middlemen here; just the two of us, step-by-step, practicing each step until you’re a pro. I supply you with a knowledge library with all materials you need to use and keep for reference so you can refer to if required  

Methods that work:
Leverage my lifetime of knowledge and experience, to reduce the time it takes to go from idea to reward at full throttle, all while keeping costs down. Avoid time-wasting mistakes and leverage my expertise, so we close the gap between implementation and reward without tying up large amounts of resources.  

Transformational Roadmaps:
With complete command and a reputation as an expert in the fields of creative real estate, and recognized as a global leader in subliminal communication, we are blessed with success immediately, not in the distant future. I have a reputation for implementing new normals with resulting success so if you are a traditionalist we will not be a good fit   

Authority and Trust:

I provide a reconfiguration of the fundamentals, a complete inversion whilst working together so we can remove the obstacles, detour from the roadblocks, and replace what’s missing. A complete transformation allows us to reach our objectives more quickly and easily with embedded changes, changes that now become a part of you.

Communication  Mastery:
I am the best at what I do but I am also here to make money and do this by sharing in your profits so please understand you are the student and I am the teacher. If I teach you what you don’t know you learn, if I teach you what you already know from others we will be slow in reaching our targets and we are working together to both learn and earn and my job is to get you the result in the most efficient way possible and as the movie says “I have a particular set of skills”.

If your ready to get more from less and quicker submit your application, and someone from my team will get in touch with you as soon as we’ve reviewed it. I only do a few of these as my time is limited and if I am unable to assist I will point you in the right direction so you can leapfrog…R

Our Mission

To change the way the world buys and sells houses as for too long it has been too hard to sell a property for a fair price in a reasonable period and for too long potential home owners have been locked out of the ability to own their own home in their own country

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